I’m a big tea drinker, so I was pretty happy when they bought one of these “fancy water boilers” at work. This makes it much quicker to prepare a cup of tea, and as you can see, I have a pretty big cup to fill.

There is only one problem, to fill the cup I need to hold down the lever until my cup is full. As you might guess, it takes some time to fill the cup, and standing there holding down the lever is pretty boring. It has happened that I’ve boiled some water in the regular way, so I’ve had the chance to do something else while waiting.

So imagine my big surprise when I saw a colleague filling up a big tea pot without touching the water boiler … WHAT ????!!! MAGIC !!!!

— H … How … how did you do that?

— What do you mean? Just put the cup there and flip the lever.


Stupid me, I had never realised that it was possible to flip the lever in the other direction and that locked it in place.

My mind was completely blown away … I was just standing there in chock over this revelation. Do I need to mention that my colleague was smiling at me?